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Pit Stop Technologies is a locally owned ICT Provider with over 25 years of IT expertise in the Private and Public Sector.

We value relationships with our clients. A key differentiator of our Business is that our service is very personal in this way... it’s the “Pit Stop Way”.

Pit Stop Technologies provides Bespoke IT Solutions, Managed Services, including Cyber Security and Strategic Technology Consulting. We are committed to Best-in-Class Digital Solutions and Technical Resources for Small-Medium Business Customers, Government Bodies, Not-For-Profit and large Corporate Bodies.

Through our industry leading service delivery we help organisations proactively leverage technology so they can focus on achieving their goals - we focus on your technology so you can focus on your business! 

The future continues to burn bright for Pit Stop as we work hard to build on and improve the things that made us successful from the very beginning, all those years ago.

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Wondering how to make your business’ IT run more efficiently whilst ensuring your IT Base Line is Monitored and Managed, freeing up valuable internal resources?

One popular option is to consider a Managed IT Service Provider.

Pit Stop Technologies has been a premier Managed IT Services Provider, operating solely in Australia for over 10 years. 

We offer IT Support with Cloud Services, Microsoft 365, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security, and more.

Let the skilled team of technicians and Business IT Specialists at Pit Stop provide you with the best IT solutions to increase your profitability and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Our Managed Service Agreements include the following services:

As the world of Information Technology continues to evolve, it’s crucial to get support from an ICT Service Provider that evolves too.

The experts at Pit Stop Technologies stay ahead of the changes in IT to ensure we consistently provide our clients with the best solutions to maximize their efficiency, increase profitability, communicate effectively, and become the market leader in their respective industry.

Pit Stop Technologies provides a broad range of Managed IT Services and IT Support for small and medium sized businesses across Australia.

We are committed to a bespoke business model approach that allows our team to respond quickly to our clients needs, combined with the capacity and adaptability to meet increasing demands as your business grows.

These qualities uniquely position us to become your organisations trusted IT Partner.

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Implementing and maintaining security within your organisations network can be a daunting task. Today’s IT security requires much more knowledge and a multi-layered approach than the security needs of the past.

With Pit Stop Technologies as your Managed Security Service Provider we handle all of your IT security and compliance to help protect your network and remain as secure as possible.

Today’s threat landscape is a whole new world. If your controls cannot withstand the ever evolving Cyber threats, then you potentially stand to lose data, revenue and customers.

By partnering with Pit Stop Technologies you will prepare your organisation against threats like Phishing, Malware, employee mishaps, and third-party compromise. We work with our clients to enhance their security posture and align with Industry and regulatory requirements.

  • Security is a key concern for every organisation

  • We work with our customers to help protect their businesses against the ongoing Cyber Threat landscape

  • All organisations, big and small would be seriously threatened if a data breach occurred

  • We customise our solutions and provide professional Cyber Security guidance to meet your business and/or industry needs

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of your network is our full-time job, to help prevent Cyber breaches before they happen

  • Managing Cyber risk is necessary for managing overall business risk

  • Your data and IT systems have value, and the risk of a Cyber attack increases every day

  • The fallout from a data breach can be devastating. Resulting in downtime, unexpected costs, and a damaged reputation

  • Performing a security assessment is an essential step in managing your Network Security

  • Our dedicated Cyber Security team perform ongoing Audits and Vulnerability Scanning to ensure any risks are identified and remediated as required 

  • Once our Assessment identifies your vulnerabilities, we implement a strategy that gives you the tools you need to prevent Cyber attacks before they weaken your protection

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"Is your business Cyber Safe... would you  be able to recover in the

event of an attack

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reasons to invest in a  cyber security solution

  • Avoid business email compromise attacks

  • Protect your reputation

  • Safeguard precious business data

  • Defend digital assets

  • Help secure your remote workforce

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Prevent/reduce possible downtime in the event of a Cyber breach

ways to improve cyber security

  • Talk to experts- work with people you trust and the professionals in Cyber Security

  • Identify weaknesses- get an assessment to ascertain your current maturity level of Cyber Security

  • Develop a strategy- go beyond the basics

  • Invest in security- minimise digital risk

  • Protect your brand- defend your data

why now:

With the average small business breach costing $38,000 can you afford not to?

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