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backup and disaster recovery

Protecting your data is pivotal for all organisations. We can tailor a plan to ensure all your critical data is backed up so in the event of a disaster it can be recovered.

Our services monitor your backups and helps to ensure your data is protected. In the case of a disaster, we work hard with you so that you have the ability to rapidly recover with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Computer technician monitoring an organisations backup and disaster plan

An external USB Hard Drive is not a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution. However, this is something we see all the time.

In this case, if the server were hit with Ransomware, all of the data could be lost. Which, is not a great result.

All Small to Medium Businesses and Organisations need to have a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.

Organisations turn to Pit Stop Technologies backup and disaster recovery when...

  • They need a recovery plan for major incidents such as Ransomware

  • In the case of an incident they would need to become operational within hours, not days or weeks

  • Require real-time monitoring to quickly address data backup issues

  • Want to keep their data backup software secure and running smoothly

  • They have backups in place, but no monitoring or testing capabilities

Does your organisation need a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan?

Have more questions about Backup and Disaster Recovery? The Pit Stop team are always here to help.

 Call us on 8821 4321 or email us at to learn more.

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