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proactive monitoring

At Pit Stop Technologies, we utilise Remote Monitoring, Support and Control Software. The "Pit Stop Agent" Software works by allowing us to remotely access and monitor all systems under your Managed Services Agreement. This allows us to keep all your IT systems updated and access users devices remotely whilst automatically detecting potential failures.

What is Remote Monitoring and why do you need It? Remote Monitoring Support gives us the ability to detect and re-mitigate problems that can cause company downtime or security risks. It gives us the data and capabilities we need to ensure we are delivering the highest level of Response and Maintenance as needed for your organisation.


How does Remote Monitoring and Control Software work?

Our software is deployed through an “agent” that’s installed on your IT systems, workstations, servers, mobile devices, and other computing hardware. The agents send your devices’ data to us.

If a problem is detected, our experienced team will receive an alert, and an internal ticket will be created so we can take the action needed to resolve the issue quickly. Our tickets are generated based on the type of problem and its severity or possible effect on your business operations and safety. This helps us determine if an issue is critical or not.

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Remote Monitoring is essential to adequately monitor your business' network, computers and software proactively. It uses technology tools to track and gather information about your applications and hardware. We can even monitor your routers, switches and some devices. It provides the information our team need to respond quickly and resolve any issues that are found.
In most cases, we can fix problems remotely.

Is Remote Monitoring right for your Organisation?

Have more questions about Remote Monitoring and Control Software? The Pit Stop team are always here to help.

 Call us on 8821 4321 or email us at to learn more.

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