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Cyber Security

It feels like every day, we hear about another organisation that has had its data exposed through a security breach with the average small business breach costing $38,000. 

When you work with Pit Stop Technologies our primary focus is making sure that your IT assets are current on all Security Patches, Updates, and Anti-Virus Software. That allows you to focus on building your business and gives you Peace of Mind knowing our skilled technicians are remotely monitoring your infrastructure using Best Practice Methodology.

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ask yourself..

Would you leave the key to your home office in the front door or under the door mat? 

What would cripple your business? Is it loss of confidential data, reputation, downtime and/or subsequent loss of business if you incur a breach?

top security concerns for small to medium sized businesses

  • Constantly evolving Cyber threats

  • Data breaches, Ransomware and Malware

  • Remote workers and remote access

  • Mobile device management

  • Email and Cloud Security

  • Protecting your brand and reputation

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How we protect your business the Pit Stop way!

Firewalls, ongoing surveillance, email protection and web security Applications alongside Context-Aware, Identity-Based Network Management Tools.

Monitoring your network for potential breaches is our full-time job. Automated Breach Detection, Dark Web Monitoring, and Penetration Testing are among the many Cyber Security Managed Services we offer to provide better, 24/7/365 protection of your infrastructure.

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Security Assessments- Audit and Assess your organisations security policies and Infrastructure to identify and prioritise security recommendations. Get a forward-thinking partner that helps you evaluate your options, think ahead and prevent costly attacks.


MFA- We help implement Multi-Factor Authentication to protect your devices. MFA enhances your organisations security by requiring your users to identify themselves by more than a username and password.


Security Software designed to help protect your organisation from Cyber attacks, unauthorised access and data breaches. Protect your technology and support productivity goals by blocking dangerous or distracting content with enterprise-grade filtering solutions.


Security Management Tools ensure anyone gaining access to your network wirelessly has access to only the right data at the right times. Keep your organisation secure with 24/7/365 Monitoring by the Pit Stop "Network Operation Centre".

Each of these services require a unique approach with specific tools and action. By continuously studying and implementing a practical approach for each with the help of our Cyber Security services, an organisation can significantly decrease the likelihood of an attack and be prepared to recover faster if an incident occurs. 

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quick cyber security checklist

  • Be aware of phishing email security threats

  • Ensure your mobile phone and personal computer are Pin Code/Face I.D/Password Protected

  • Maintain strong password policies and utilise a Password Management Tool

  • Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Update your devices regularly

  • Back up your important files

  • Do not click on any links that arrive in unsolicited emails

  • Never communicate sensitive information via email e.g. passwords or banking credentials

It's not a matter of "if" but "when" your business will experience an attack

As part of our ongoing commitment to secure computing, we go above and beyond to communicate with our clients about new threats, solutions and Best Practice recommendations.

Pit Stop Technologies are constantly working to ensure our customers are as safe and secure as possible. We are regularly in contact with business owners and key authorised personnel regarding any items that may be in the best interests of the organisation.

We pride ourselves on innovation in all aspects of IT, including security and service delivery.

Our dedicated Cyber Security team perform ongoing Audit and Threat Scanning to ensure any risks are identified and remediated as required.

Is Cyber Security important for your Organisation?

Have more questions about Cyber Security? The Pit Stop team are always here to help.

 Call us on 8821 4321 or email us at to learn more.

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"what would a Cyber Breach do to the reputation of your business?"

If this seems overwhelming to do by yourself, it’s because it is. If you’re an Internal IT Team looking to take this on, or a Medium-Sized Business looking to dive into this for the first time, we do not recommend going at it alone. 

Our team of highly trained Cyber Security professionals can provide a free high-level Cyber Security Assessment for your organisation.

t&c's apply

what is a cyber risk assessment.. 

A Cyber Risk Assessment is a process we undertake using specialist tools and knowledge to produce reports for discussions around Risk Mitigation. ​

It's a comprehensive evaluation, testing and auditing process that asks and seeks to answer critical questions about your Cyber Security posture, including: 

  • What are our most important IT Assets?

  • What are the most relevant threats and vulnerabilities for our organisation?

  • How likely is it that vulnerabilities can be exploited, and what would the impact be?

  • What is our organisations attitude toward risk, and how can it be managed?

  • What are the highest priority security risks we face?

The Cyber Assessment process helps you fully understand these questions, reveals answers and provides suggestions on how best to proceed. Your organisation will emerge with a better understanding around the of value your critical data, protecting it and the associated costs of that protection- and the potential consequences of failure. 

Pit Stop Technologies are committed and passionate about protecting your business by mitigating risks, and see great value in your business undertaking an Assessment.

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recovery costs


The thought process of “I can rely on backups to get my business up and running again” is no longer adequate. Whilst they are still an important piece of your Cyber Security defence, backups are no longer the be-all and end-all in data protection.


  • If data is restored from backups, the hackers will still have a copy of the stolen data

  • Invoices can have their bank details altered, causing funds to be transferred into fraudulent accounts

  • Stolen data leaves you vulnerable to repeated, targeted attacks

  • Other items on a network such as workstations, network switches and routers can be compromised. Giving hackers the ability to steal data and re-infect your systems after backup restoration

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we will worry about Cyber Security – So you don’t have to!

We Provide:

  • Sophisticated security solutions for your whole network

  • Professional Managed Security Services and high-level IT support

  • A Business-Minded approach to your Cyber Security concerns

  • Consultations that lead to stronger Business Continuity Plans

  • Peace of Mind knowing your network is monitored and maintained using Best Practice Methodology

minimise digital risk 

Get your business on firm ground with Managed Security Services and Strategic IT Support from a leading Managed Service Provider. Take the next step and let us evaluate your digital risk and protect your business with a customised plan for Cyber Security.

Is Cyber Security important for your Organisation?

Have more questions about Cyber Security? The Pit Stop team are always here to help.

Call us on 8821 4321 or email us at to learn more.

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