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helpdesk support

Are you waiting too long to get problems resolved? Our Multi-Tiered “always-on” IT Helpdesk ensures your staff achieve optimal productivity by having access to the help they need, when they need it.

Organisations turn to Pit Stop's Remote Support Services when they have on-premises IT infrastructure but lack the expertise needed to manage it and want staff to be productive instead of using their valuable time fixing IT issues.

We offer a service experience that delivers results with Helpdesk Support entirely based in South Australia, including remote, onsite and flexible support options. 

Our Remote Support option on our website and Email Support are proactively monitored and one of our friendly Pit Stop team members is always available to help our valued clients with their IT needs so they can receive a speedy resolution.

Our dedicated Helpdesk is more than just people answering the phones. It’s an entire suite of services, people, processes and systems that, when all used together, provides organisations with Best Practice, industry focused professional IT Management.

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It's the end of "My computer wasn't working so I didn't

get that done."

IT issues are inevitable in every business. Files will accidentally be deleted. Passwords will be forgotten. When these things happen, your employees will have someone to call for help.

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