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Managed Services

Your IT Management

Our Managed Services Team essentially becomes your IT Department and is the best way to ensure less system downtime for your organisation, allowing you and your staff to work more efficiently on your core business.

Pit Stop Managed Services Agreements ensure your IT is Pro-actively maintained, we remotely monitor your systems to prevent, detect and automatically resolve issues.

Remote Monitoring, Support and Control Software

At Pit Stop Technologies, we utilise remote monitoring, support and control software. The "Pit Stop Agent" software works by allowing us to remotely access and monitor all systems under your Managed Services Agreement. This allows us to keep all your IT systems updated, access and help users remotely, and automatically detect potential failures.

One Point of Contact

Being a Managed Services Agreement customer provides you with a premium level of customer service. Our responsive team of qualified technicians will provide ongoing, expert support. We perform frequent audits and health checks on your systems. This ensures you are getting the most from your IT systems by proactively looking after your network.

Onsite Support Shift - some of our customers choose to incorporate an onsite support shift scheduling a technician to regularly attend your site. This is beneficial for staff to deal with IT issues that limit their efficiency.

The Benefits

  • Help Desk support prioritising business critical events to minimise your IT related downtime

  • Peace of mind knowing your systems are being reliably backed up, monitored and maintained using best practise methodology

  • Agreed level of IT support negotiated to work with your financial budget

  • Trust in technicians and business based in South Australia who are passionate about customer service and information technology who believe in building strong long term relationships

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

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